Airbo Virtual Benefits Fair

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How It Works

Send a link to employees inviting them to their Airbo Virtual Benefits Fair.

Each Tile is like a booth and includes a piece of media, explanation of the benefit or service, and interaction to drive engagement.

Employees earn points to become eligible for raffles and prizes as they complete Tiles, and automatically progress as they interact with Tiles.

Employees can select benefits via embedded instructions and links to your enrollment site.

  • 24/7 Access to Your Branded Virtual Benefits Fair

    Your Airbo Virtual Benefits Fair will be tailored with your company logo and colors. Employees can access the experience 24/7 on any mobile or desktop device, so they can engage important decision makers.

  • Complete Customization

    We’ll provide you with 20 Tile templates which you can fully customize to match your needs.

  • Private Employee Insight

    Airbo’s interactive nature allows you to gather employee feedback. Tile interactions track responses so you can follow-up with each employee individually, as needed.

  • Analytics

    Airbo’s real-time analytics track who visited Tiles and how they interacted so you receive legitimate engagement and ROI data.

  • One Year of Platform Access

    After your benefits fair, you can transition your Airbo Virtual Benefits Fair to a new-hire onboarding experience.

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