Manage your COVID-19 communications with Airbo

In this time of crisis, communications are more critical than ever. To help, Airbo is offering our platform for workplace communications related to COVID-19, remote work and other ramifications of disrupted operations. Using Airbo, you can establish a central place to manage communications about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your organization, regardless of employees’ work location.

How It Works

Airbo’s communication platform includes a branded website that will help you manage content about how the outbreak affects your company. We’ll provide you with CDC-approved content to get started, and then send you ongoing updates with new developments. You’ll be able to send outgoing real-time updates via text and email to all of your employees. You can implement Airbo in under an hour.

Fast Implementation

We will help you implement Airbo in an hour. Here’s how it works.

Have a question about the Airbo for COVID-19 program?

Please contact our sales team or reach out directly to your Airbo contact.