Our Success Stories

See how companies have used Airbo to keep their employees engaged.

"Airbo helped Fujifilm increase Health Risk Assessment participation rates by 217%."

Carolyn Gordon

Director of Benefits

"It used to take us forever to get people to fill out their forms, Airbo has made it quicker and easier."

Jennifer Crick

HR Director

"There's less confusion, and fewer people asking and re-asking the same questions."

Ali Hodson-Aguilar

Operations & HR Specialist

"We used to send emails for basically everything, and people just wouldn't read them."

Annie Taylor

Employee Relations Manager

"There's much more engagement with Airbo, and we can actually see it with the metrics they provide."

Patty Wilkinson

HR Manager

"Airbo has radically reduced the number of emails I have to send, which people appreciate."

Timber Chinn

Vice President of HR

"People thought we were going through a big growth spurt, when in fact these jobs were posted for months."

Janet McNichol

HR Director

"I can do each announcement in half the time it used to take."

Amy Anderson

HR Director

"Airbo is so user-friendly and responsive. They really listen to their clients, and make changes accordingly."

Emily Leonard

Chief Talent Officer

"People love [Airbo]. They look forward to reading it."

Miriam Johnson

HR Director

"Airbo was such an easy solution, and such a time-saver--it only takes about an hour each week."

Kendra Kelly

HR Director